The paintings of Annemiki Bok (Emmeloord, 1953) are characterised by a shimmering, iridescent use of colour. Layers of oil paint applied with a palette knife give her work depth. In her art, Bok combines the impressionism of Isaac Israëls, the large surfaces of Mark Rothko and the speed of Willem de Kooning. The artisanal perfection of her paintings, her directness and virtuoso speed of the paint strokes on her canvasses betray her academic credentials, which she earned at Amsterdam’s Rietveld Academy in the mid-Eighties and followed up with years of intensive study at the internationally renowned Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten.

“Painting is almost like breathing to me. It’s a necessity, a natural part of my life.”

In her art, Annemiki Bok displays a mastery of both colour and composition. She recognises the importance of self-criticism and dialogue in her work:

“Once I’ve set up my palette, the play of paint and colour on the canvas begins. Does it need to be lightened up a bit? I’m happy with what is happening in the upper right quadrant, but what needs to happen now in the lower left quadrant? Do I need thickness here, or should this layer be thinner, should I scrape some of this paint off? I allow my work to grow organically, so that it’s a dialogue with the paint rather than something I consciously determine.”

Collectors around the world , such as Mr. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (NATO Secretary General 2004-2008), own work by Annemiki. A notable example of her work is the portrait of former Secretary of State and Minister Tineke Netelenbos, painted under commission, which is part of the collection of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


Affordable Art Fair from wednesday  26th till sunday 30th oktobre 2022,

Kromhouthal, Amsterdam.

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Art Fair:

My work will be on display at the “First Art Fair”, in the Passenger terminal in Amsterdam.

From Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 March 2022. Stand no: 37

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My work can also be seen at:

–          Galerie Eikenhof in Mariënheem

–          Galerie Sous-Terre in Lithoijen

–          Galerie de ruimte in Ootmarsum (coming soon)